Lifestyle Expert Mary Crosland Announces Link Between Water Intake and Beauty

Beauty and health begins with hydration, according to Dallas lifestyle expert Mary Crosland

Studies have shown time and again that water and hydration in general are hugely important for long lasting health and beauty. In time for the summer heat, Mary Crosland has announced the connection between hydration and healthy and beauty.

Research has indicated that making sure to drink enough water has a large number of different health related benefits. Due to the makeup of the human body and the fact that it is comprised of around 60% water, drinking enough liquids is integral to maintaining the balance of fluids in the body. This is especially true in climates that are warm, like areas in the southern United States. Bodily fluid areas that are affected by water intake include the production of saliva, your body’s ability to maintain a proper temperature, circulation and even digestion. The transportation of various types of nutrients to important areas of your body is also positively affected by the total amount of water that a person drinks.

Additionally, water has long been proven to aid in a person’s ability to control their calorie intake. “Not only should people be substituting various higher calorie beverages like soda for water, but water can also help a person feel ‘full’ faster than they do when they eat solid foods,” says Crosland.

Water also has a variety of positive effects on a person’s skin. According to Crosland, “when a person is properly hydrated, their skin will look more youthful and vibrant for longer periods of time.” Hydrated individuals will also have the added benefit of skin that retains its elasticity, which will lead to an appearance with less wrinkles and signs of stress.

The total amount of water that you need to drink to stay hydrated during those warm summer months of the year will vary from person to person. An individual who is more prone to sweating, for example, will need to drink more water than someone who isn’t to help stay refreshed and fulfilled. Individuals with certain medical conditions like heart disease will also need to drink a larger amount of water than others, as water is one of the critical components to keeping a person’s heart as healthy as possible.

“As a general rule of thumb,” says Crosland, “a person needs to drink one pint of water for every pound of sweat that they lose.” Additionally, a person can quickly find out if they’re dehydrated or not by paying close attention to the current color of their urine. If a person has been drinking enough water, the color of their urine will be pale and almost clear. If they haven’t, the urine will take on a darker yellow appearance which is a classic indicator that they need to drink more fluids as soon as possible.

Though thirst is an indicator of dehydration, it isn’t necessarily the first thing a person should pay attention to. Medical professionals have long said that by the time a person feels thirsty during the summer, they are usually already dehydrated.

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